Things to do in Jaisalmer Desert Festival

Jaisalmer Desert Festival, one of the most eccentric festivals in all of India that take place in February. This festival comes to life during the three-day extravaganza of the delights of the desert. It’s certainly the kind of once in a lifetime experience you’ll want to add to your bucket list. Check this blog to discover Things to do in Jaisalmer Desert Festival.


Things to do in Jaisalmer Desert Festival


History of Desert Festival in Jaisalmer

The city of Jaisalmer rolls back to the 12th Century where the city was first discovered by the Rajput king, Maharawal Jaisal Sing. But ancient histories reveal that before the capturing of the city by the Turks with Ala-ud-din-khilji the place was inhabited by the Rajput Bhatis.

The city like most others in the royal state of Rajasthan has been a witness of several bloody battles between the Rajputs and the Islamic conquerors that tried to capture the ruling seat as well as the Bhatti rulers. The Bhatti rulers had later migrated to some other parts after the capture by Khilji, most of which is now in Pakistan.

During the British Rule, the Bhatti rulers went on to rule the state of Jaisalmer which was a key stopover to the trade routes to Central Asia, Egypt, Arab and Persia, which is why it was home to several trade fairs and festivals akin to the Jaisalmer Desert Festival of today. 

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Things to do in Jaisalmer Desert Festival


Things to do in the Desert Festival

Camel Races

The winner will be given a suitable reward for being in the top places. Camels are being decorated which attract lots of participants.


Things to do in Jaisalmer Desert Festival

Things to do in Jaisalmer Desert Festival



It is an event that sees the maximum number of participants. A competition is held between the Indian people and foreign nationals, gender is not required, where they are required to pull a rope and make a concentrated effort to drag another team over a central line.


Things to do in Jaisalmer Desert Festival


Mustache competition

During the competition, men showcase their mustaches with great pride as they try their best to win the coveted longest mustache title. The long mustaches of the people will surprise the spectators. 


Things to do in Jaisalmer Desert Festival


Turban Tying Competition

The people really have a gala time during the turban tying competition when they try to tie the colorful turbans in a short possible time. The person who ties the turban before the desired time is declared a winner.


Things to do in Jaisalmer Desert Festival

Things to do in Jaisalmer Desert Festival


In 2019, Jaisalmer Desert Festival will be held on February 17, 2019 to February 19, 2019. The traditional and bright costumes, the folk music recitals, competitions like camel races, tug-of-war, mustache competition make it an absolute must-visit destination during the winter. The popular desert festival pulls in a lot of footfall to the desert of Jaisalmer. The festival takes place over the sand dunes that are iconic to the area, near the Sam Sand Dunes just like last year.

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