Sikkim - Where to go in India?

Sikkim is a state in northeast India. This is one of the best place to get out from the narrow city and also become the most sought vacations among the tourists across the world. The valley of Kunchendzonga with more than 200 species of rhododendrons and various types of orchids. Most of those will be at bloom and the water activities are also increase in the middle and late March. So, where to go in Sikkim, India?


Sikkim - Where to go in India?



Yuksom is a small village in Sikkim. It is said that it was the first capital of Sikkim. It is very calm and peaceful, a perfect place for those who want to avoid the tourist crowd. Though it's tiny, Yuksom was the historical starting point of the Sikkimese nation, according to the legend, three monks from Tibet selected Phuntsog Namgyal as the first King of Sikkim and gave him the title Chogyal, meaning “religious King” or “the king who rules with righteousness”. 


Sikkim - Where to go in India?


Yuksom is a little more of a social community, as it intersects with travelers, who are there for as the base for trekking expeditions, while if you don't have that kind of energy, it's still an ideal starting point for shorter walks, monastery visits or simply watching local life and enjoy the untamed wildlife sanctuary or simply relax with a glass of bamboo drink.


Sikkim - Where to go in India?


Lachung & Yumthang valley

This small settlement is located in the northern part of the state in North Sikkim district and is located at an altitude of 8610 feet. Lachung is a tourist hotspot and a scenic destination. This place is called as the flower valley, hot springs, glaciers, and the majestic snow covered Himalayas.  At Lachung you can visit the Lachung Gompa, built around 1880, the monastery is situated amidst apple orchards across the river from the town centre. Also go see the handicraft centre which has exquisitely woven rugs and blankets.


Sikkim - Where to go in India?


You can also visit the Shingba Rhododendron sanctuary through which flows the Yumthang Chu. The sanctuary is known for its abundance of Rhododendron trees and shrubs. One of the nice places to visit here is the Lachung Gompa. It has wonderful wall murals and also several ancient statues. This place attracts many pilgrims into its fold.

A popular tourist attraction here must be Yumthang, situated at a height of 11800 feet is popularly known as 'Valley of Flowers'. In spring season, wild flowers such as primulas and Rhododendrons bathe the landscape in rich colours, making it a tourist hot spot. The Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary over here has 24 species of Rhododendron flowers which bloom from March to May end.


Sikkim - Where to go in India?


Buddha park

A breathtaking backdrop of Himalayan peaks, the gigantic, 41m-tall Buddha statue is one of Sikkim's most iconic sights. It's beautifully set in a large area of manicured lawns with piped mantra music adding a meditative atmosphere. Inside the huge plinth, a spiral gallery showcases scenes from the Buddha's life, wrapping around an inner cylinder of murals containing holy relics from 11 countries.


Sikkim - Where to go in India?

Sikkim - Where to go in India?



Dzongu is a triangular region in North Sikkim, bounded by Teesta River in the south-east, Tholung Chu River in the north-east and by rising mountains in the west. These mountains lead up to the mighty Kangchenjunga.

If you value cultural insight over comfort, and butterflies over bus tours, then it's well worth jumping through a few minor bureaucratic hoops to get the permit for a visit. You can stay with local families and experience the Lepcha lifestyle and cultural traditions amidst luxuriant landscape and spectacular mountain scenery or go for village hikes, visit the rich cardamom fields or check out the cane bamboo bridge at Passingdon.

Go angling on the Teesta River or learn how the Lepchas use medicinal plants for healing. In the evening a special cultural programme can be arranged on demand.


Sikkim - Where to go in India?


Tashiding gompa

Tashiding Gompa is significant religious place to visit in North East India. The popular monastery is located in the mountainous state of Sikkim, India. The ridge between Ralang and Yuksom ends with an upturned promontory (1450m) on which sits the multi-building complex of Tashiding Gompa, an important Nyingmapa monastery. At its heart, a beautifully proportioned prayer hall has a delicate topknot that contrasts with the two lower stone floors. The murals inside are somewhat time-darkened and the main images fronted with numerous colourful butter sculptures. 


Sikkim - Where to go in India?


March is also the best time for shopping as the shops will be stocked with souvenirs and since the tourism crowd is reduced, you can get a better deal. Don’t hesitate to take a trip to Sikkim India during this March 2019.


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