Money and Bags - The reasons why you should not exclude anything in our India packing list

If you haven't read the post “Not to forget packing list for your India trip”, take a look right now because we have listed out all the items that you should prepare for your travel in India. Here are the reasons why you should not exclude anything in our packing list - Money and Bags.


Packing List Money and Bags




If you travel through some big travel agencies, ask them and your banks in your countries because they probably do exchange money

Bring dollars and change to rupees in India. You can change at hotels, banks, and even kiosks at the mall. Also, you can go to an ATM at the airport where you landed and take out the money (with the cheaper fees)

Keep cash in the local currency handy, save Indian currency for travel to and from the airport.

Carry international credit cards and international debit cards

Note: Don’t take too much cash. ATMs are the safest way to get local cash and they are everywhere across India.


Packing List Money and Bags






A Backpack

Backpacks are definitely the easiest to move around with and India requires a lot of moving around! Backpacks can be squeezed into train/bus luggage racks or under seats, you will happy you can carry everything you brought on your back. 

We suggest that you should choose one with lots of zip compartments and pockets, so you can find stuff quickly. Backpack with lock is one of our favourite, the environment in India is noisy, we cannot believe anyone because they may slash our bags and silently make off with our items.

Why not suitcases? Suitcases (Hard suitcases) are less suitable (especially the four-wheeled spinners) for India’s rugged road surfaces and tight spaces, but they do make life easier if you’re staying in a place for a long period of time or leave it in the hotels then carrying your day-pack to go outsides


Packing List Money and Bags



A sheet sleeping bag

For the train and questionable hotels. Not every hotel offer blankets and the ones that do have usually are old ones that do not finish their great job in cleaning their sheets and blankets.


Packing List Money and Bags



Good quality suitcase locks and cable.

You will need to be able to use the cable to lock your bag to your train or bus seat. 

As long as we have something secure, we can leave our room and know our electronics and valuables are safe whether we are outside the streets or in the hotels.


A money belt and small bag

In India, crowded situations such as bazaars, railway stations, and even the streets are full of people. A small bag that you can carry very safely which contains your money and some important items


Foldable beach bag or a Day Pack

One of the handiest things you can possibly have when traveling around India is a good quality day pack with plenty of compartments or some bags can fold up to a tiny little cube and it is lightweight.

It becomes invaluable for the safekeeping of all the items you'll need to carry with you in India. It helps if you can carry them properly, and not all jumbled up together, in a way that they're easy to access. When you pack up the bag, the size is so small, they barely take up any space.



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