Meghalaya - The wettest inhabited place on Earth

Beside the world’s largest spice market and the world’s largest human gathering, the place which receives one of the maximum rainfall in the world, the northeastern state of Meghalaya, India, is the wettest inhabited place with valleys, lakes, caves, waterfalls and beautiful clouds.


Meghalaya - The wettest inhabited place on earth


The state of Meghalaya is situated in the northeast region of India. It is bounded on the north and east by the Indian state of Assam and on the south and west by Bangladesh. The capital of Meghalaya is Shillong. Meghalaya was previously part of Assam, but on 21 January 1972, the districts of Khasi, Garo and Jaintia hills became the new state of Meghalaya.

The Meghalaya subtropical forests ecoregion encompasses the state plus its mountain forests are distinct from the lowland tropical forests to the north and south. The forests are notable for their biodiversity of mammals, birds, and plants. Meghalaya is one of the Seven Sister States of northeast India. There are a lot of rivers in Meghalaya and most of them are seasonal. You can find some of the deep gorges and several beautiful waterfalls in the southern Khasi Hills region.


Meghalaya - The wettest inhabited place on earth


Tourist’s Attraction

Shillong the capital set amidst a picturesque landscape of pine covered hills, rapid streams and captivating waterfalls provides a perfect getaway from the heat.

Wards Lake, Lady Hydari Park, Sweet Falls, and the Shillong 18 Hole Golf Course - these are the oldest places in the country.

Cherrapunji is formerly the wettest place on Earth and still holding the all-time record for the most rainfall in a calendar month and year. The area is lush green with waterfalls and an extensive underground cave network. You cannot miss the famous Double-Decker root bridge, which is one of the tourist-friendly places.

Balphakram National Park — located in the Garo Hills in Meghalaya, a well-known park in India for its scenic beauty and various species of flora and fauna including tiger, elephant, barking deer, and gaur. The park is also known for its medicinal herbs


Meghalaya - The wettest inhabited place on earth


Nokrek National Park (Nokrek Biosphere Reserve) — a small population of Red Panda reside in this park. It is habitat for the Asian elephant, species of cats and primates. It is also an important area for birds. Rongbang Dare Water Fall and Nokrek Peak are located in this park with tall thick forest


Meghalaya - The wettest inhabited place on earth

Meghalaya - The wettest inhabited place on earth


Not yet over, you can also check these places for your travel lists in India like Crinoline Swimming Pool, Mattilang Park, Air Force Museum, Upper Shillong, Don Bosco Centre of Indigenous Cultures, the Butterfly Museum and Jaya Kalra's Art Gallery.

The impressive waterfalls and Asia’s longest caves can be found in Cherrapunjee and Mawsynram like Nohsngithiang Falls (Mawsmai Falls), Nohkalikai Falls, Mawsmai Cave, Khoh Ramhah, Green Rock Ranch, and Kynrem Falls….


With a rich history of craftsmanship, wood-carving, and artistic weaving, you can shop for any kind of handicrafts, wood carvings, jewelry, toys, and even some musical instruments from the souvenir shops in and around the state in Meghalaya, India.


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