Indians have celebrated 70 years of India's Independence Day

India’s people welcome their Independence Day on August 15 with much fanfare. This day is kind of meaningful attached with the historical event that the end of the British colonial rule in 1947 marked the creation of two independent states - Hindu-majority India and Muslim-majority Pakistan.

In this day, one of the most important ceremonies of India, Independence Day is celebrated widely with flags hoisted in schools and colleges, and at government buildings and major landmarks.

Here are the latest photos of this holiday in India on August 15th 2017:

Illuminated North and South Blocks, Raisina Hill, on the eve of the 71st Independence Day celebration in New Delhi, India.

Raisina Hill

Punjab police personnel take a selfie during a full-dress rehearsal of the Independence Day parade at Guru Nanak Stadium in Amritsar.

Punjab police

People attend a flag-hoisting ceremony during India's Independence Day celebrations in Ahmedabad.

Flag-hoisting Ceremony

A student waves the national flag as she performs during India's Independence Day celebrations in Jammu, India.

Waves the national flag

Indian policemen march as they take part in Independence Day celebrations in Kolkata.

Indian policemen march

People carry a huge national flag of India on a bridge across River Sabarmati as they celebrate Independence Day in Ahmedabad.

Huge national flag

Students paint themselves with the colours of the Indian flag and take selfies as they celebrate Independence Day and Dahihandi festival at a college campus in Mumbai.

Students take selfies

Indian soldiers stand as schoolchildren form a representation of the national flag and the Hindi name for India, Bharat, in blue and white uniforms during a dress rehearsal for Independence Day celebrations in New Delhi.


(According to www.aljazeera.com)


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