How can NRIs help in boosting India’s Tourism?

Indian has always taken Non-resident Indians (NRIs) to be their brothers and sisters. Therefore, Indians have always treated them in a special way whenever they visit India. Thus, NRIs are considered to be as much Indian as anyone who already lives here. However, there is always one thing that annoys NRIs. It is the thought of not being able to pay back for the hospitality they receive whenever they visit. They wish to contribute towards the nation’s growth and be a part of its prosperous future as well, but they do not find the possible way. For that reason, here is what every NRI can do to help their nation grow, they can help India encourage the tourism condition by bringing the NRIs to them


Spread the culture & talk about Rich Heritage

A rich and prosperous culture has always been the biggest jewel in India’s crown and the NRIs can use that to convince their non-Indian friends to visit India. The NRIs can talk about the holy cities like Banaras, the colors of Rajasthan and Gujarat, the natural beauty of Kashmir and Himachal and persuade their friends to visit India at least once. Other than that one can always bring their friends home during weddings or other big celebrations and then take them on a tour of the rest of the country.

Help their friends by planning an itinerary for them

Persuasion alone doesn’t do the job, following up is another way of making sure that their country will get to host tourists from different parts of the world. Having a fair knowledge of the country, the NRIs can help their friends plan an itinerary and shortlist a few places that should be a must visit for their friends. There are itineraries available on the internet too, but planning one yourself will add a warm touch and will make the traveler all the more enthusiastic.

Use social media to promote their Motherland

We all have seen how pictures of trips and treks help us make up our minds for the next vacation, this is exactly how this will work for NRIs too. Social media will help NRIs in spreading the message across the world. Due to the cosmopolitan nature of their friend lists, one can easily make sure that the word is reaching everybody and thus when NRIs will talk about their native countries and their visits, it will make an impact on their friends too.

Inspiring the Gen-Next to visit India

Traveling is more popular amongst the younger generation and with India being a non-expensive destination, the youngsters from around the world can easily plan a trip with their NRI friends. Thus, it becomes a basic duty of the NRIs to educate their own kids about their motherland so that they can plan a trip every once in awhile with their non-Indian friends.

Keep their friends notified about the special tourism campaigns

The Indian government has always shown great interest in promoting tourism because of which there are special tourism campaigns and packages that keep running round the year. The NRIs can keep notifying their friends about these special campaigns like ‘Incredible India’, ‘Go Beyond’ and ‘Find What You Seek’ which will surely intrigue the foreigners to come and visit India. We all know that the NRIs are more than ready to do their bit for the country. But, to be able to do this, the country needs to relax its rules for the NRIs too. The custom and visa formalities hassle the NRIs whenever they visit and this may result in loss of compassion for their own country. Thus, when NRIs are expected to do their bit, the country should encourage them all the more by being more welcoming. This will help the country as well as the NRIs.

(According to www.indianyouth.net)


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