Health, Medicine and Toiletries - The reasons why you should not exclude anything in our India packing list

Health, Medicine, and Toiletries are things that we cannot skip in any travel list and of course, they are included in  “Not to forget packing list for your India trip”. This post will show you the necessity of each item that we list out on Health, Medicine and Toiletries sections.


Health, Medicine, Toiletries - Packing List


Health - Medicine

Get a basic health check before you leave if it is a longish trip.

No one wants to be sick or suffer the “tired” feeling throughout the trip, get a basic health check to make sure that everything is fine and your body is ready.


Health, Medicine, Toiletries - Packing List



The most common travel illness is traveler’s diarrhea or Delhi Belly. Delhi Belly is a bad case of traveler’s diarrhea. It is an infection of the stomach and intestines. It’s not just bad food causing turmoil in the tummy but also a full-on infection which caused by an infected bacteria.

However, don’t let the fear of getting sick stop you from travelling to certain destinations. Delhi Belly can be easily avoided if you’re aware of the risks and take care of yourself. Ask the doctor or pharmacy for these basic medicines such as:

  • Antacids
  • Diarrhea medicine
  • Painkillers
  • Paracetamol tablets
  • Vitamin B, C


Health, Medicine, Toiletries - Packing List


First Aid Kit

It’s inevitable that you’ll get a cut or scrape or some little thing that would need a first aid kit. The item I use most are band-aids to help prevent infection in a wound. I also like to put honey on the cut before I place the band-aid because it acts as an antibacterial shield.

There are drug stores (chemists) all over India but it’s nice to come prepared with basic, lightweight, high-quality first aid equipment.


Health, Medicine, Toiletries - Packing List


Hand sanitizer

People in India usually enjoy eating their food directly by hand. Always go with a small bottle of hand sanitizing in your pocket or bag. 


Health, Medicine, Toiletries - Packing List


Insect repellent

To avoid bugs-bite, you can use an insect repellent containing 20%-30% DEET or 20% Picaridin on exposed skin. Re-apply according to manufacturer’s directions. Since you are going to be mostly outdoors after sunset, carry an insect repellent to be safe.



Spray or Tube is varied on your reference. The exposed skin of your body runs the risk of getting sunburnt in the day. So keep the sunscreen lotion handy and apply it generously on your face an arms if you don’t want to harm your skin.


Health, Medicine, Toiletries - Packing List


Nail cutter

Don’t bite your nail, just bring one and cut it because your nail can contains germs and harmful virus. Some modern nail cutter is not just use for your nail, but you can use it to replace the scissors or open cans.



Shampoo sachets and travel soaps (included face wash or body wash)

You can always buy more in India if you need it. But better to prepare it for your first-day trip


Health, Medicine, Toiletries - Packing List


Wet wipes and tissues.

Germs are everywhere and nothing has come in handier than hand wipes.


Health, Medicine, Toiletries - Packing List


Make up and makeup remover (Optional)

Women in India seems that didn’t wear as much makeup as others country, so we suggest that you shouldn’t buy the cosmetic here because of unfamiliar brands and it’s quality.


Deodorant or perfume 

Don’t bring a big bottle because it is too heavy or easy to be broken.


Brush/Comb and hair serum, hair ties

For beauty looks, of course, carry a hair comb and hair serum to control fizzy hair.



Many hostels don’t provide towels or they charge extra. That’s why we recommend bringing a towel. If you have long hair you might want to bring two — a large for your body and a medium size for your hair.


Health, Medicine, Toiletries - Packing List


Birth Control/Condoms (Optional)

Bring as much as you want just in case because some people say birth control is still taboo there.


Razor (Optional)

You can buy more supply as needed as you travel like shave cream or the replacement blades.


Tampons/ Diva Cup /Pads (Optional)

Tampons are hard to find in many Asian countries because most women use pads. You can sometimes find them in specialty stores, but they are hard to come by or you probably will not familiar with the brand. Prepare before you travel is the easiest ways to get yourself comfortable.



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