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When is the best time to travel to Goa in India and Why? Let’s start your journey by attending Goa Carnival at the beginning of March 2019. The Goa Carnaval has turned into a major tourist attraction and here is some information about the festival that you should know in order to not skip the fun.


Goa Carnival 2019


Origin of Goa Carnival

According to the government of Goa's Department of Tourism, the carnival is "Goa's most famous festival and has been celebrated since the 18th century." In Goa, Carnival is celebrated right after the winter season.

The carnival is celebrated before the beginning of Lent when Christians undertake fasting, abstinence from meat and spiritual discipline. Lent ends in Easter and is significant for the Catholics.


Goa Carnival 2019


Many sources said that Goa comes under the rule of King Momo during the Carnaval period. King Momo - who on an opening day orders his subjects to party -  preaches the message “Kha, piye aani majja kar” which means “Eat, drink and make merry”.

The origins of the carnival are apparently the hedonistic feasts of ancient Rome and Greece. It made its appearance in the Spanish and Portuguese colonies. It is organized in a very traditional manner, including by the staging of streetside local plays, in the coastal Catholic-majority taluka of Salcete. 


Goa Carnival 2019


4 day non-stop of fun, song, dance, frolic is uniquely Goa Carnival. From 2 March to 5 March 2019. The Goa Carnival has turned out to be a major tourist attraction drawing thousands of tourists from all over the country.



The preparations for the Carnival begin from December. The Goa Carnival marked by drinking and dance and music carry on till very late in the night before the day dawns the beginning of Lent.

Balloons bobbed up in the air with multicolored trails and a colorful procession featuring horse-drawn carriages, decorated bullock carts, floats are the highlights of the parade. 


Goa Carnival 2019


Dancing troupes, bands of troubadours dressed up in funny clothes singing and dancing in gay abandon to lively music that is usually performed live. Sports competitions, floats & parades and hedonistic pursuits like great food and drinking. Those are things that cannot miss this festival. 


Goa Carnival 2019

There are prizes for the best floats.  Decorated floats are an integral part of Goa Carnival celebrations. They form the head of a parade of colorful floats. This celebration will emphasize on traditional and cultural aspects of the state. Floats are designed according to its theme and are usually accompanied by dancers in front or at the back of it. 


In 2019, the festival was celebrated from 02 - 05 Mar. In the urban areas, the float parades were usually held in the following cities: Panjim, Margao, Ponda, Vasco, Curchorem, Mapusa and Morjim.


Goa Carnival 2019


The mirthful exuberance of the fun and music loving people of Goa reaches its climax during the four day Goa Carnival celebrations. Prepare your eVisa for India and participate in this “one a year” festival.



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