EVisa And The Increasing In Tourist Arrival In India

Since currently, the Government of India provided the eVisa facility for nationals more than 100 countries. India Tourism has been playing an important part in the overall development of the economy of India and it is expected to grow at a fast pace than the world average.


EVisa and The Increasing In Tourist Arrival In India


The Significant Growth in India Tourism

The pie charts below contain the figure of the tourist arrival in India in November 2018. As per the figures tabled by the Ministry of Tourism, the Government of India following is the table which has the figures regarding the eVisa. During January-November 2018, a total of 2,061,511 tourists arrived on eVisa as compared to 1,456,615 tourists during January-November 2017, registering a growth of 41.5%.


It is can be seen from the first pie chart that the arrivals from the UK (15.62%) were the highest, followed by the USA (11.25%). In the second pie chart, the highest port where most of the tourist arrivals on eVisa chose during November 2018 is New Delhi Airport (45.2%), followed by Mumbai Airport (16.3%)


Ports of arrival of tourists availing eVisas during November 2018EVisa and The Increasing in Tourist Arrival in India


(Source from Ministry of Tourism, Government of India)


An Open Door for Travelers


The adoption of eVisa shows that the government is very serious with the tourism sector and is ready to take any strategic decisions possible to offer the multidimensional when it comes to attracting more and more foreign tourist to India. With the help of technology, the steps to get an Indian eVisa is not a time-consuming problem like it used to be.


India has been the heart of culture in all Asia and the world alike. With such bold and clear steps the number of tourists is bound to increase in years to come. It hosts the most sacred spiritual and other holy shrines which attract devotees and others alike. The trend still continues with the huge growth in the annual arrival of foreign tourists in India and the government’s excessive focus on the tourist infrastructure as well.


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