Essentials Preparation - The reasons why you should not exclude anything in our India packing list

In the post named “Not to forget packing list for your India trip”, we have listed out all the items that you should prepare for your travel in India. Here are The reasons why you should not exclude anything in our packing list - Essentials Preparation


Essentials Prepration - Packing List


Check your passport expiry date

  • Make sure you know where your passport is - don’t risk missing out on a holiday by waiting until the last moment to look for it.
  • Know when your passport expires - check that your passport is valid for the duration of any planned travel. To enter India your passport must be valid for 6 months after entry.
  • Know when your child’s passport expires - a child’s passport has a shorter duration than an adult passport. (optional)
  • Bear in mind the processing time


Packing List Essential Preparation


Apply for a Visa or an Indian eVisa

Unless you are planning to travel to India all the time, there is no reason to get a 10-year visa. If you have time to spend at least two full working days at the visa office. Most travelers agreed with the idea “Just get an Indian eVisa”.

The eVisa for India application is super easy, takes just 15 minutes filling in forms online, which can be done wherever the Internet is available and you get approval within 3 days or even 1 day if you use the emergency visa service


Essentials Prepration - Packing List

Essentials Prepration - Packing List



Book your flights - Airline Ticket

You can find and book cheap flights to save money for your trip. Large international airports like Delhi or Mumbai have lots of connecting flights throughout India. Spent time to learn and book your flights logically. If you miss a connecting flight, there is usually another one in a few hours. 

Pre-book meal: Flights in India offer special meals for their passengers, like vegan or any options for special diets and food restrictions at no additional charge, but make sure that you book your meal at least 48 hours in advance from your flight’s departure (This is a must because you cannot change your meal on the same day as your flight)

Search for transportation to the airport: When you budget out your big trip, it’s easy to forget about transportation to and from the airport. It can really cost you if you’re not careful. Fortunately, all of the world’s busiest airports have affordable options, ask your friends or someone who has experienced for more tips.


Essentials Prepration - Packing List


Travel insurance

Travel insurance gives you the peace of mind to go forth on the adventure while knowing you have these financial supports and benefit:

  • Medical expenses and hospital benefit
  • Personal accident and liability
  • Cancelling and cutting short your holiday
  • Abandoning your trip
  • Delayed departure
  • Accommodation cover
  • Scheduled airline failure
  • Personal belongings and baggage
  • Personal money, passport and travel documents
  • Legal expenses


Essentials Prepration - Packing List



Book your accommodation

These days, a lot of room reservations are made online, but there are still many small, family-run guesthouses that take reservations by phone. It’s still quite popular for travelers to just arrive in a destination and walk around to find a place.

If you do choose to book your accommodation this way, be sure to check many rooms, and always check under the mattress for cockroaches and other bugs that hide in daylight.

It is important that you read reviews from other travelers, searching for hotels, guesthouses, apartments, and hostels on the budget end of the spectrum.


Essentials Prepration - Packing List



Few more tips

  • Carry your photo ID proof and a copy.
  • Mail yourself the soft copies of all important documents.
  • Research a bit about the Indian Embassy and its location in the country you are visiting in case you need it during a natural or man-made disaster.

(According to Melanie DiSalvo - virtue and vice)


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