Electronic, Clothes & Shoes and Others - The reasons why you should not exclude anything in our India packing list

This is the last post about things that we cannot skip in any travel list which included in  “Not to forget packing list for your India trip”. Based on your interest and our information, it will be easier for you to not miss anything that can ruin your travel.


Electronics, clothes, shoes, others - Packing list



Charge all your electric equipment (especially your phone and power banks) before you leave.

It has become standard practice to bring your cell phone with you on international trips - there are selfies you need to take, music to listen to on the long flight, and travel apps you can use to organize your trip.

Having fully charged electronics also helps when you are at an airport and your fellow passengers have hogged all of the available electrical outlets.


Electronics, clothes, shoes, others - Packing list


Power adapters and chargers for the camera, phone, e-reader, laptop, and tablet.

Indian power plugs come in varying shapes and sizes. The most common plug consists of two round prongs or sometimes a third round prong, making a triangle shape. You should purchase one separately if you didn't buy a voltage converter that comes with a plug adapter suitable for India.


Electronics, clothes, shoes, others - Packing list


Buy a local sim card in India

Don't buy a sim card at the airport, you will get ripped off. Before you buy a sim ask a few locals what they use, then buy that one.

You need to bring documents to do this in India like 2×2 images and passport/visa copies. Without the photo, they will not be able to issue you a sim card.

Note: Remember to bring memory cards for the camera.



Don’t carry too much cloth for your trip except your underwear, Indian clothes are inexpensive and in fact, it’s quite comfortable because it suits the climate and the culture. There will be many things to buy in India. Notice that in India is not suitable for open shoulders or shorts.

Clothes that covering arms and legs is a must, but you can buy and try Indian clothes, it’s lightweight and covers up without overheating. Here are the suggestions:

  • 3 pants, 2 shorts (it’s can be leggings, jeans, skirts..)
  • Windbreaker
  • Sweatshirt
  • Rain coat
  • 5 short sleeve, 2 long sleeve shirts (T-shirts, tank-top as your favorite)
  • 7 days socks/underwear
  • Bathing suit


Electronics, clothes, shoes, others - Packing list



Sturdy shoes/Sandals

It’s nice to have a pair of sandals to change into after a long hot day, plus you should always wear sandals in communal (hostel) showers. That’s just good sense no matter where you are.


Flip flops

For the beach, in the shower, around your hotel and in other predictable settings. Don’t go barefoot in India.


Sport shoes

Bring a pair of cheap one that you do not care about to India. Note that the color of the dirt is red so you may not reuse your shoes when you come back home.



Earplugs (A lot and a must)

India is an extremely noisy place. On the back of every truck, it says “horn please” because they use sound to help know where other vehicles are. Also in the temples, it can be very noisy with bells and yelling. Earplugs help make noise pollution more bearable and make your overall experience much better. You should never travel without them.



Lighting is dim in many guesthouses. Plus roads and beaches are dark at night. A headlamp keeps your hands free to go about your business.

This is a must item for any packing list for India, but also for everywhere else. If you add even a little bit of adventure into your travels, you'll want to add a headlamp to your travel gear list.



When visiting India, you will be going into a lot of temples, mosques, and more, where you will be required to cover your head out of respect. If you are wearing a colorful scarf, all you have to do is pop it over your head and you can go right on in.

It also protects you from the sun and heat and helps you fit in with the local culture.


Electronics, clothes, shoes, others - Packing list



Try to find something fashionable,but you shouldn’t bring an expensive pair because glasses are easy to break/lose especially when traveling. If you do bring sunglasses, make sure you bring a hard case for them so you can just throw your glasses in your bag.


Note: The sun may make you feel uncomfortable, so remember to bring hats/caps with you.



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