7 Tips for First-time travel in India

Traveling in India is so much more than just a holiday, especially for those who visit India for the first time. Here are 7 tips that you should not miss to make your first time traveling in India a little bit easier.


7 Tips for First Time Travel in India


1. A specific plan

 Spent at least a month to prepare all the arrangements before arrival:

  • Visa

You do need a visa whether you are a traveler or not. Since Currently Government of India provided eVisa facility for nationals more than 100 countries, you can get eVisa in just 15 minutes with 3 simple steps only.


  • Transport tickets

It’s advisable by the native people in India to book tickets at least 2 weeks in advance on regular days, and 1 month in advance during big holidays like Holi and Diwali. 


  • Hotels, guest houses, resorts

Depends on your budget and the length of your travel to choose the right place to stay. Spent at least 1 month to search and book great deals. Many good hotels and guest houses will even arrange to pick you at the airport.


  • Tailor your trip

We guess you will not have time for all the activities and see it all. If you don’t have a guide for your India trip, then you must think about how much time you have, what do you want to do, where will you visit first or last. 


  • Budget

Assess how much money you have available for the trip. Always create your travel budget so that there is a little money left over. You’re likely to find some sort of cost that you hadn’t considered beforehand.


7 Tips for First Time Travel in India


2. Avoid Overpacking

There will be many things to buy in India. Notice that in India is not suitable for open shoulders or shorts. Clothes that covering arms and legs is a must, but you can buy and try Indian clothes, it’s lightweight and covers up without overheating.


7 Tips for First Time Travel in India


3. Food 

Local food is always a highlight in India, especially street food. If you are a vegetarian, then India will be your perfect lover. It takes a day to get used to the new environment, and like every traveler, you may get ill for the first time to come to India. Whenever buying street food, take a quick look through the cleanliness as a precaution, let your stomach acclimatize for a few days before launching into a street food feast.


7 Tips for First Time Travel in India

7 Tips for First Time Travel in India


4. Be cautious and put safety first

  • Try to avoid the hassles and scams, not just in India, pickpocketing is always a problem. Because this is your first time so some bad people might try to get your money in a lot of ways. 
  • Prepare to be stared at  - You may feel uncomfortable but most of them are just curious about the new one.
  • Don’t be afraid to say “No” with the service or things that you don’t want to use or buy.


5. Bargaining and Deals

Pricing is generally higher for foreigners since there is a misconception among sellers in India that tourists are rich. Ask for opinions from the guide or local people to know the true cost of it. 


7 Tips for First Time Travel in India


6. Choose the right time to visit India.

Different areas at different times and the beauty of the sight are affected a lot through seasons. Choose the right time for your destination to catch the best picture of it. 


7. Mood to travel

It doesn’t matter whether you travel alone or with friends and family. Travel is the ultimate inspiration, try to arrange and adapt the new things if it did not match your expectation. Don’t let any small problem ruining your mood while you’re on the trip.


7 Tips for First Time Travel in India


Hope this 7 tips can help you prepare for your first-time travel to India. Start your first step in planning by getting an Indian eVisa and be ready to explore India in 2019. Don’t just let your ideas in papers, do actions to make it come true.


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