26 Indian Dishes always surprise you at first glance (part 3)

19. Dhokla


Dhokla is the snack/breakfast food from the state of Gujarat, made of fermented rice and chickpea batter.

It is usually prepared for a very light and flavorful snack.

Feeling: Gossiping with your aunts and cousins for hours

20. Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa

Gajar Ka Halwa is the extremely popular dessert, made by cooking grated carrot with milk, sugar, and dried fruits.

It is usually prepared for a piping hot wintertime dessert.

Feeling: Wrapping a shawl around yourself and sitting by a heater on a chilly Delhi evening

21. Pakora


Pakora is the fritter native to the Indian state Uttar Pradesh – one or more basic ingredients (onion, eggplant, potato, cauliflower, and chili peppers) is dipped in gram flour and deep fried.

It is usually prepared for the Rainy days.

Feeling: Sitting by a window during a monsoon afternoon, bonding with your family over hot chai

22. Rumali roti

Rumali roti

The word "rumali" is Hindi for the handkerchief, and this bread resembles one. it is large, as thin as cloth, and served folded like a napkin.

It is usually prepared for when you need bread but want something lighter than naan.

Feeling: Watching with child-like awe as a chef tosses the dough up in the air and spins it in circles

23. Papri Chaat

Papri Chaat

Papri Chaat is the crispy, fried dough wafers served with boiled potatoes, boiled chick peas, chilis, yogurt, tamarind chutney, and several spices.

It is usually prepared for a healthy and multi-flavored snack.

Feeling: Rewatching an old Bollywood movie with your mom, for the eighth time 

24. Kulfi


Kulfi is the iced preparation made from thickened milk, almonds, and pistachios.

It is usually prepared when you're craving ice-cream but with an Indian touch.

Feeling: A street fair

25. Recheado Masala fish

Recheado Masala fish

Recheado Masala fish is the spicy paste made of chilies, tamarind, and garlic (amongst other spices) is rubbed onto whole fish which are then fried.

It is usually prepared for satisfying your seafood craving and spice craving all at once.

Feeling: Sitting on a beach in Goa, watching the waves roll in

26. Samosas


Samosas is a fried or baked triangular snack food made of a potato stuffing, usually also containing onions and peas, served with a mint chutney.

It is usually prepared for literally anytime, anywhere.

Feeling:  Home

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