26 Indian Dishes always surprise you at first glance (part 2)

10. Rajma


Rajma is the kidney beans in a thick gravy popular across North India.

It is usually prepared for an accompaniment for rice, particularly delicious when served piping hot in the winter.

Feeling: Summer holidays at your grandparents' house

11. Tandoori chicken

Tandoori chicken

Tandoori chicken is chicken marinated for hours in a paste of yogurt and spices, and then roasted (traditionally) in a clay oven called a tandoor.

It is usually prepared for wowing your dinner guests with minimal effort.

Feeling: Making a pit stop at a roadside diner three hours into a family road trip.

12. Banana chips

 Banana chips

Bananas chips is the chips thin slices of banana deep fried in savory spices.

It is usually prepared for munching on while watching your favorite movie.

Feeling: The wind flying through your hair as you sail down Kerala's backwaters in a houseboat

13. Baingan Bharta

Baingan Bharta

Baingan Bharta is roasted eggplant mashed together with a variety of other vegetables and spices, served with flatbread.

It is usually prepared for an exciting and fancy vegetarian meal.

Feeling: Going back for seconds at a family friend's house

14. Dosa


Dosa is a crispy, flat bread (similar to a crepe or pancake) made of rice batter, served with a lentil sauce (sambar) and a variety of chutneys.

It is usually prepared when you want breakfast to be the highlight of your day.

Feeling: Recounting last night's events the morning after a sleepover

15. Bhelpuri


Bhelpuri ispuffed rice fried with vegetables, in a spicy and tangy tamarind sauce.

It is usually prepared for when you want a chilled savory snack.

Feeling: Sitting in the back of a rickshaw at the peak of summer, thankful for the breeze

16. Vada


Vada is a South Indian snack staple made of a lentil or flour batter fried into a doughnut shape.

It is usually prepared for a neutral carb to accompany your craving for chutney and lentils.

Feeling: A morning raga

17. Bhindi Masala fry

Bhindi Masala fry

Bhindi Masala fry is Okra stuffed with spices, fried.

It is usually prepared for a vegetarian dish that's both exciting and comfort food.

Feeling: Mom's cooking

18. Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh

Rogan Josh is a lamb curry of Persian origin, now popular in the Kashmir area. In India, rogan josh is often made using goat meat instead of lamb.

It is usually prepared for when you don't just want a meal – you want a feast.

Feeling: Strutting around in your nicest traditional finery and feeling like royalty


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