26 Indian Dishes always surprise you at first glance (part 1)

The Indian traditional foods are widely appreciated for its fabulous use of herbs and spices. Indian cuisine is known for its large assortment of dishes.The cooking style varies from region to region and is largely divided into South Indian & North Indian cuisine.

India is quite famous for its diverse multi cuisine available in a large number of restaurants and hotel resorts, which is reminiscent of unity in diversity. The staple food in India includes wheat, rice and pulses with chana (Bengal Gram) being the most important one.

In modern times Indian pallete has undergone a lot of change. In the last decade, as a result of globalisation, a lot of Indians have travelled to different parts of the world and vice versa there has been a massive influx of people of different nationalities in India.

This has resulted in Indianisation of various international cuisines. Nowadays, in big metro cities one can find specialised food joints of international cuisines. To know more about the Indian traditional food, read on.

1. Biryani


Byriani is an aromatic rice dish cooked with several spices, notably saffron, and a protein (typically chicken or mutton) that's been marinated.

It is usually prepared for a huge family dinner.

Feeling: Hearing the neighborhood mosque sounds its azan for evening prayers

2. Momos


Momos is a variation on the traditional Dim Sum, native to the North Eastern states that border Nepal (where the dish originated), eaten with a fiery red chutney.

It is usually prepared for a quick mid-evening snack.

Feeling: Kicking your shoes off after a long day and settling into your couch for hours of TV

3. Idli


Idli is a heavy South Indian breakfast food. A fermented batter of ground rice and lentils, steamed in little circular molds.

It is usually prepared when you're done sleeping in on a Saturday morning.

Feeling: Being woken up by the smell of cooking

4. Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun

Gulab Jamun is the small balls of dried milk, slow cooked and boiled in a sugar syrup.

It is usually prepared when you've already had a delicious meal and have just enough room for dessert.

Feeling: Playing hide-and-go-seek with your cousins at a family reunion way, way past your bedtime

5. Chole bhature

Chole bhature

Chole bhature is spiced, curried chickpea dish served with a fried flour bread.

It is usually prepared for a late Sunday breakfast.

Feeling: Seeing your family all dressed in new clothes on a festival day

6. Nethili varuval

Nethili varuval

Nethili varuval is the anchovies dipped in a paste of turmeric and red chilies and fried, native to the South Indian region Chettinad.

It is usually prepared for a crispy, spicy appetizer.

Feeling: Temple bells

7. Kati roll

Kati roll

Kati roll is a traditional street food popular of whole India (and abroad) with the ingredients as wrap of kebabs, eggs, vegetables, and spices rolled into paratha (a type of flat bread).

It is usually prepared when you need a meal on-the-go and also a great way to use up leftovers.

Feeling: Standing on a dusty Kolkata street-corner at dusk, watching families go home through rush hour traffic

8. Panipuri


Panipuri is the small crisp hollow round bread filled with spiced water, tamarind paste, potato, onion, and chickpeas.

It is usually prepared when you're craving a thousand flavors at once.

Feeling: Drunkenly challenging your best friend to a contest of who can eat more of these, and then feeling like your mouth is on fire

9. Jalebi


Jalebi is the wheat flour batters deep fried in coil-shapes and soaked in sugar syrup served hot. It is usually prepared when you want something hot, but also sweet.

Feeling: People-watching in a crowded bazaar while your mother haggles over sari prices

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