Differences between Indian eVisa and Normal Visa

There are two ways for you to apply for an Indian visa: Indian normal visa and Indian eVisa, each of which comes with different processing time. Take a look at each process to find out the Indian visa process that benefits you the most.

Indian normal visa process

There are 3 steps to process an Indian normal visa.

Step 1: Fill in the normal visa application form online

In this step, applicant will need to fill in their exact information in the online application form. Applicant has to choose the type of visa they need (based on their travel purpose) and the Indian Mission closest to them (where they will have a visa appointment). Applicant also needs to upload a picture of themselves that is compliant with Indian government’s guidelines.

The whole process will be performed online. Each person applying for Indian visa needs a separate form. Once submitted, the online application form cannot be modified. Therefore, in case of wrong details, applicant will need to go through the whole filling process again. Also, applicant should keep the Application ID for further communications.

Step 2: Print out the form and set up an appointment with Indian Mission

After having filling in the application form, applicant will automatically be asked to choose:

  1. either set up an appointment and make online payment for application form or
  2. only print the submitted application form and directly approach the closest Indian Mission for submission the form (along with supporting documents).

If applicant chooses (i), they will need to select Date and Time of the appointment with their closest Indian Mission. After that applicant will need to pay the calculated fee, which includes visa basic fee, special fee, service fee, VAT… The visa fee is various, based on the type of Visa applicant applies.

If applicant chooses (ii), they need to go to the Indian Mission for more information about their total visa fee and directly setting up a visa appointment there. This total visa fee would be the same as if applicant chose (i).

Step 3: Go through the appointment and wait for the visa result

Applicant needs to prepare all the required documents and a printed copy of the application form and bring to the visa appointment. The required documents are different, based on the type of Indian visa applicant applies, but always include a valid passport of the applicant.

Each applicant needs to have a separate visa appointment with the Indian Mission.

After the appointment, applicant will have to wait at least 3 days for the visa result.

Indian eVisa process

On the contrary, Indian eVisa process consists of only 3 simple following steps.

Step 1: Fill in online application form

First step you fill in our online application form with your exact information, including a scanned bio-page of your passport and your recent front facing photograph. You can also download the application form to fill and then send back to us. With both ways, you can apply for many applicants at a time.

Check document requirements for more details.

Step 2: Get the confirmation and extra document requirements

After filling the form, you will need to double check your information for the exactness. Then you need to choose the payment method suitable for you and carry out the payment process.

Check payment guidelines for more details.

Step 3: Get your Indian eVisa

After step 2, we will send a confirmation letter via your email. Your Indian eVisa will be processed and sent to your email when we receive your result.

When receiving your Indian eVisa, you need to print it out and take it with you for checking at your port of entry.

Advantages of applying Indian eVisa via our website

With our service, applying for Indian eVisa has become much easier than before. Our Indian eVisa service is offered with many benefits to help processing your Indian eVisa as soon as possible:

- The whole process is performed online from anywhere, which is much more convenient and time-saving.

- Document requirements checked and made compliant with government’s guidelines

- Information double checked and correction; no need to reapply several times for the exactness.

- Privacy protected and information secured for customers

- 24/7/365 professional support via email, chat and Hotline to help when in need

- eVisa recovered via email in case you lose your Indian eVisa

- Flexible refund service fee policy for denied cases

Especially for emergency cases, we also offer emergency visa service with 1 business day guarantee.



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